The purpose of “The Rock” Museum Public Benefit Foundation is to promote sustainable tourism, create a sustainable workplace, involve and encourage our employees and visitors.

The museum makes a conscious effort to reduce pollution and minimise waste, we strive to use sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies and to use resources efficiently in our operations, and we work to reduce our ecological footprint.

We contribute to raising awareness of environmental issues and using products sparingly through our green communication and visual tools (bins, recycling equipment, signs) and encourage our partners to do the same.

Waste is collected selectively, energy-saving light bulbs are used, a bottle crusher, battery and light bulb collector are placed in the reception area of the museum. With cashless sales, we strive to increase efficiency and safety.

All constructive and feasible suggestions for improvement in the field of environmental protection, recycling and awareness-raising are welcome.

Let’s work together for sustainable tourism!