Operational and Purchasing Guidelines

By ordering a product, customers declare that they accept the Operational and Purchase Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions and also that is aware of the process of purchasing.

We can only register and process orders, if all the necessary data have been given. For any error caused by lack of data, or technical difficulties throughout the process the Operator of www.sziklakorhaz.hu is not liable. Any errors in given data can be changed in “My Profile”, “Registration data” (find it in the top-right corner.)

All prices given in the webshop are gross and contain the VAT.

In our webshop you can only pay through an online credit card system. Transfer, COD, cash payment options are not available.

After ordering you will get a confirmation e-mail in at most one working day. If you haven’t got the e-mail, please contact us on shop@sziklakorhaz.hu, because it is possible that you haven’t completed the order. Prices labeled as PROMOTIONAL are valid from their appearance on the site until withdrawal. The right of price variation is reserved.



1. Process of browsing: The first step is to choose the  Product you want to buy from “Shop” menu.   You can narrow down your search by using the options on the top. Description of the products are available on their page. At the top you can further manage the shown products.

2. Sign up for the webshop: For browsing signing up is not needed. If you have already signed up giving billing data every time you purchase a ticket or a product (supposing they are up-to-date). All given data is handled confidentially according to our Privacy Policy.

To sign up you need to click the icon at the top-right corner of the page and choose “Sign up”. At the page appearing you can give your personal data needed for purchasing. At this page you need to accept our Operational and Delivery Guidelines and our T&Cs. When you finished, you will get a confirmation e-mail with your data. You can modify your data anytime in “My Profile” menü.

3. Sign in to the site: If have already signed up, clicking the person icon you can sign in to your profile by giving your user ID and password. In your profile you can follow your orders and you can modify or delete your data.


  1. You can order after signing up, or you can start your purchase without singing up. In the latter case your data given in the process will be your sign up data and we will send an email with your registration data. Singing in to the site, you can follow your order.

2. Cart: on the site of the product/ticket select the quantity (default quality is 1) then click “Add to cart”. For products available in various sizes and/or colors, first you need to choose type before adding to the Cart. The system will send you a message, then clicking the Cart icon you can check your cart. You can modify or delete the content of your cart. To remove order click the red “X” icon.

You can modify quantity by selecting your preferred quantity and then click “UPDATE CART”.

3. Choosing from delivery options. If you have finished browsing the next step is to choose from the delivery options. If have only purchased a ticket this step will not happen because the confiromation of your order will be sent to your e-mail address. If you purchase a product you have to choose delivery options. You can choose personal delivery in the museum (e.g.: before or after your visit) or you can choose delivery service (EXPRESS ONE or MPL) for your address. In this case make sure to be home between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The price of the delivery will be added to your cart.

4. Payment options: In our webshop you can only pay through online credit card payment service. It means that the ordered tickets or products must be payed immediately with your credit card. Orders which are not payed, are not handled as an active booking or order.

Online payment parters: Barion, Simplepay

Booking, or any other transaction without payment is not available for groups with less than 10 persons. Operator excludes exchange, substitution or redemption, or any form of compensation. According to § 29 subpara (1) paragraph point l) of Government decree 45/2014. (II.26), there is no right of withdrawal for the Customer after the tickets have been payed.

5. Data needed for ordering. The total price (increased with the price of delivery) appears on the next page. You must give all your data needed for the purchase or sign in to your profile (if you are already signed in, the system fills the data). All the required data with a * must be given. If you need a commercial bill with VAT for your company, please fill out the “Company data”, too. If your billing address is different from your delivery address, click the field in front of “Billing data” and give your billing data. If you would like to comment, fill out the “Further information” field. If you have a Hospital in the Rock coupon, you can submit its code in the Cart.

If you have give all your data, please read then accept the Terms and Conditions.

If you have filled all fields correctly, click “SEND ORDER” at the bottom of the page. If you filled a field incorrectly, you can only continue after correction. The next page is the payment page, where you can pay by credit card.

In case of a successful transaction the system sends a confirmation both on the page and via e-mail. Attention! If you couldn’t pay by credit card, the order is not sent, and because of security reasons there isn’t a possibility of a second attempt of payment. In case of an unsuccessful transaction a new order is needed to be given.

6. Following your order and delivery time. If you have bought a product (too) you can follow your order if you sign in to your account in our webshop. We also send the most important information via e-mail.

About the way and time of the delivery you find information in the “DELIVERY” menu. We progress orders continuously, but we also sell products through other ways than our webshop. It can happen that a product is currently not available in our stock. If for this reason we cannot deliver in the accepted time (4-7 working days), we inform you immediately and if you wish, we remove your order, and compensate you via transfer.

The operator of www.sziklakorhaz.eu webshop is not liable for the availability of the Products presented in the webshop.

Products with different dates of availability: in case of having products with different dates of availability in the basket, we can carry out the order only once all the products have arrived at our store. In case of partial delivery, the additional cost of delivery is to be paid by the customer.

Checking of the delivered products: as Customer, You are responsible of checking the details of your order at the moment of the delivery, and sign the receipt and take over the product only in case of completeness. After this we are not able to accept any complaints regarding incompleteness.

Date of delivery: In case of home delivery the courier service delivers the package between 8 am and 6 pm. In case of unsuccessful delivery, the courier will attempt to deliver again according to the given terms at the methods of delivery.


After placing your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail including all the information regarding your order. Please check your Spam folder as well in case you cannot find our e-mail. If you did not receive a confirmation, please do not hesitate to contact us!

A placed order, which has been confirmed via e-mail is considered a concluded contract between Customer and the operator of the webshop, during which you have accepted the General terms and conditions. The contract has been written in Hungarian language. A concluded contract is not getting filed, you can accept it by clicking on the icon (before finalizing the contract you have to confirm ‘I accept the Terms and conditions’)


Price variation: we reserve the right to change the price, which does not concern the already placed orders. The changes take effect once having appeared in the webshop. The operator of the webshop is able to refund the full price of the Product only in case of returning it with complete packaging.

Limitation of liability: Using the webshop implies that the Customer is familiar with and accepting the possibilities and limits of the Internet, in particular its technical capacity and the possibility of malfunctions. The operator of the webshop is not in any way responsible in case of the circumstances/damages listed in the Terms and Conditions. The operator of the webshop is not in any way responsible for any direct or indirect damage occurred because of registering to the webshop. It is the responsibility of the joiner/ customer/ user of the webshop to defend the data on his/her computer from the intruders. The operator of the webshop is not in any way responsible for any unforeseeable incident, or for any event not under the control of the operator.

Variation of the deadline: we reserve the right to change the deadlines, especially regarding the availability of the products and the delivery deadlines.

Modifications: Every modification takes effect once having appeared in the webshop. Any customer who does not agree with the modifications shall terminate the acquisition.


Warranty: The conditions of the warranty are regulated by the V. law of the 2013 Hungarian Civil Code and by the 49/2003. GKM order. Based on the law and order the operator of the webshop provides a 2-year warranty for the Products purchased in the www.sziklakorhaz.hu webshop. The warranty obligation can be carried out only if it is proved that at the moment of the purchase the product did not correspond to the qualities agreed to in the contract or in the law. Within 6 months from the purchase it is the obligation of the operator to prove the fault of the product, after 6 months this obligation falls upon the Customer. The warranty obligation cannot be carried out if at the moment of the purchase the problem of the product was indicated on the website (f.eg. in the description of the product). You can indicate your demand for a warranty after identifying the order (order ID, invoice number). If the demand for the warranty is rightful, you may ask for the replacement or the repair of the product. If we are not able to replace the product because we do not have more in the storage or we ceased to distribute it, then the repair of the product will be carried out. If it is not possible to replace nor repair the product, we will refund the full price of the product.

According to the 151/2003. government regulation, for the durable goods listed in the attachment of the regulation (products with a value over 10.000 Ft) the operator of the webshop can give a guarantee of 1 year. You can indicate your demand for a guarantee after identifying the order (order ID, invoice number). If the demand for the guarantee is rightful, you may ask for the replacement or the repair of the product. If we are not able to replace the product because we do not have more in the storage or we ceased to distribute it, then the repair of the product will be carried out. If it is not possible to replace nor repair the product, we will refund the full price of the product.

You can indicate your demand for a warranty or a guarantee via e-mail or via postal mail.

  • E-mail: shop@sziklakorhaz.hu
  • Postal address: 1012 Budapest, Lovas street 4/C