Organize an unforgettable team building activity in a real underground hospital and nuclear bunker!


The team can discover this unique place in an incredibly exciting way!

The program is led by our official and enthusiastic guides whose goal is to acquaint our visitors with the history of the museum and to let the participants get to know each other in situations as never seen before.

The program contains both physical and logical tasks, all related to the original function of the institution as a former Second World War emergency hospital and nuclear bunker. Exercises include pressure bandage application, first aid response, CPR, and stretcher use to mention but a few. The program takes approximately 120-150 minutes and is available in Hungarian or in English.



1.) Nuclear Disaster Extreme Program

This is an incredible and unique opportunity to practice the civil defence protocol that the personnel would have had to carry out in the hospital in case of a nuclear disaster. The visitors are divided into smaller groups who have special tasks to carry out. The teams are lead and assisted by our local guides are provided technical guidance and direction at an enjoyable level. The program gives insights into air-raid siren warning, gas masks drills, and decontamination procedure.

2.) The Spygame

Nothing is more natural than a spygame activity at a place which was codenamed and classified as LOSK 0101/1 “Top Secret” in the 1950s. In our “Spy Academy” apprentices are trained by our Elite Spies. The spy training aims at the acquisition of special techniques and skills such as code breaking, confronting your fear, and hiding your identity to mention but three. After taking part in the trainings, participants are divided into small teams and let off to fulfill their secret mission as perfectly as possible. For each successful task their deeds are rewards, however, you’d better remember a small mistake can give you or your team away…

We would like to kindly inform you that team building activities can be reserved after 4 p.m. and are only available on weekdays.

Authentic clothes

Trying on a gasmask

Makeup for a battle

Putting on pressure bandage


Carry each other on stretchers


Team building activities can be reserved after 4 p.m. and are only available on weekdays.
When registering your group, please choose the most appropriate time of your arrival. Our colleagues take into consideration your chosen time, as well as our capacity.
Tours in other languages (German, French, Italian, etc.) may be organized upon advanced request. The extra charge is 5000 HUF/group. If you would like to choose and extra language, indicate it in the box of Special needs.