The mazelike corridors of the Hospital in the Rock are much more labyrinthine, than the parts we can walk through during a traditional guided tour. In addition to the areas to visit, storage rooms, emergency exits and the former staff quarters are also part of the facility. These spaces are cramped and difficult to access, yet we wanted to show them to you, so we used a camera to walk along the corridor from which the nurses’ rooms opened.

During the construction between 1941 and 1943, it was not yet the aim to accommodate all staff in the hospital, but reality exceeded the expectations of the architects. During the Siege of Budapest it was highly dangerous to walk on the streets, so employees did not have any other choice but to move here underground. The staff was crammed up in these small rooms and in the neighboring cave system.

Part of the cave-cellar system under Castle Hill.

Expansion plans for the Hospital in the Rock, from 1954. Most of it was never implemented.

Stairs leading to the former room of the director of the Hospital in the Rock.

The modest room of the Director. Today it is used for storage.

Miriam Kiefer, a former “resident” of the nurse’s quarters.

The door leading to an exit on Szentháromság Street.

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