We continue to explore the sites associated with the siege of the Castle District – this part of the city was a special place, among other things, because the most important government agencies operated here: Horthy was based in the palace, and so were the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Finance, of Defense and of Interior Affairs. This feature justified the development of an adequate defense system using the Castle Hill cave system, including the construction of a bomb-proof hospital.

First, the “K” air raid alarm control center and the emergency room connected to it were opened in the area of today’s Hospital in the Rock, which could be approached from the Buda City Hall. The central role of the Castle District was also important for the Germans, who also arranged their own institutions here.

Air Raid Alarm Control Center „K” – It was operated by the Civilian Defence.

Siege of Budapest – part of our exhibition.

First aid on the battlefield – part of our exhibition.

Plans for the construction of the Air Raid Alarm Control Center.

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