Our visitors often ask us if we keep in touch with eyewitnesses of the history of the Hospital in the Rock. We are exceptionally lucky to have found and to have entered into contact with many people who had survived the siege of Budapest and the weeks of the 1956 revolution here in this institution. It is also thanks to their cooperation that we are able to present the experience of the war from a personal point of view to our visitors.

Our institution maintains a close relationship with them and their descendants, and has established the “The Rock” Award to express respect and gratitude for their humane, in many cases self-sacrificing activities, even in inhumane times. ‘The Rock” Award Ceremony has been held every year since 2016.

Eyewitnesses of the 1956 revolution at the Hospital in The Rock.

The Eckhardt Family visited us –their daughter was born in the Hospital in the Rock in 1956.

Mrs. Horthy, Ilona Edelsheim Gyulai visited us.

Sarolta Szabó worked as a nurse in this hospital during the 1956 revolution.

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