The Holocaust was one of the most horrible events of not just the XX. Century, but probably even of the history of humanity. Nearly 6 million people of Jewish descent – or those classified as such – were killed across Europe, and more than 15 million died as a result of the persecution. This happened not only in Nazi Germany, but also in the allied and occupied countries.

Fortunately, however, not everyone served the persecutors, many helped the persecuted. In Hungary, perhaps Raoul Wallenberg became the most famous, but many others took their share of the rescue work. While some were able to help hundreds, others could only help one or two people. However, the people who risked everything – and sometimes gave their lives – to save others, are all heroes.

Friedrich Born, delegate of the International Red Cross in Hungary during 1944-45.

Red Cross protective document for a doctor of the Hospital in the Rock.

Dr. Endre Mester, one of the Jewish doctors of the Hospital in the Rock, sent as forced labor.


Testimony of dr. Endre Mester, about dr. István Kovács, who protected the forced labor doctors of the Hospital in the Rock.

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