The fear of another huge war, made more and more destructive by nuclear weapons, determined the second half of the XX. century. After the Second World War everybody around the globe tried to prepare for a potential nuclear attack.

The expansion of the Hospital in the Rock was ordered because of this fear: two new wards were made, and a new extension was built in front of the entrance – these were finished by 1952. The hospital was made nuclear-proof between 1958 and 1962: chemical filters, a ventilation system capable of internal air circulating, and new generators and water tanks were added. Furthermore a new entrance was made, where decontamination could be carried out. The facility was classified by the code LOSK0101/1.

The entrance of the Hospital in the Rock, shortly after the declassification.

One of the facilities generators, made by the Ganz Company.

Center of the ventilation system, with the chemical filter on the right side.

The cover of an expansion plan, with the LOSK 0101/1 codename on it.

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